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This site, which was developed by the Mount Saint Vincent University Archives, explores the history of nursing education in Nova Scotia from 1890, when the Victoria General Hospital established the first nursing school in Nova Scotia, to the late twentieth century.  Throughout much of the twentieth century there were two main routes for becoming a graduate registered nurse.   A student nurse could either attend a hospital based nursing program, such as the ones established at the Victoria General Hospital and the Aberdeen Hospital, or they could attend a university based nursing program, such as the ones established at Dalhousie University and Mount Saint Vincent University Both routes developed and operated quite differently, with much debate as to which route produced the most competent nurse.  This site explores both the general history of nursing education and also the history of a number of nursing schools in Nova Scotia.  The development of the nursing schools are explored by integrating narrative text with photographs and documents from the schools.  


The History of Nursing Education

Halifax Infirmary School of Nursing Class in the Demonstration Room, 1940s

Nursing Schools in Nova Scotia

Halifax Infirmary School of Nursing Graduation Class, 1941




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